There are key moments in an artist’s life, experiences that leave an indelible mark and determine their future. Some say that they are but a conduit, expressing something bigger than themselves that has possessed them and defines their work Diego el Cigala is one of those chosen artists for whom music is a calling.

Throughout his life he has had many experiences that have shaped him as an artist. But in the year 2000, he experienced an epiphany that took hold of him and changed his artistic future forever. Without warning, a person and an instrument came into his life and revolutionized his musical worldview. There was no turning.

This person was the late maestro Bebo Valdés. The instrument was the piano. With this encounter, Diego was catapulted beyond his geographic, cultural and human frontiers, beyond flamenco and the guitar accompaniment he was so used Cigala has always said that getting to know Bebo was the most important part of “Lágrimas Negras,” an invaluable experience both musically and personally. But what happened with the piano was also love at first sight. And from that moment on, he could never leave it behind.

After the great maestro Bebo, he went on to work with Chucho Valdés and later with Caramelo de Cuba. But in 2005 he met Jaime Calabuch, “Jumitus,” a Gypsy with a Latin soul born in Barcelona’s Barrio de Gracia. He has been his pianist ever since, giving life to the instrument that has continued to occupy a very special This deep love for the piano has led Diego to develop a new and profoundly intimate project. Bringing us in closer than ever before, we are invited to delve into another facet of the artists’ work with a repertory of classic favorites, from the

Undoubtedly those who are privileged to experience one of these unique concerts will be touched by Diego el Cigala’s special ability to transmit emotion in an unforgettable evening of piano & voice.­­­­