Lisa Simone

Fifty-three year old Lisa Simone, Nina Simone’s daughter, followed an unique path. During her childhood she moved all over the world, following the success of her mother’s career. She started her musical career singing with Hispanic star Raphael on his world tour. Later, she was recognised in the U.S. for singing with the pioneer Grammy Award nominated acid-jazz band Liquid Soul. After that, Simone took her first steps as a solo singer with her Broadway debut. It was here that she learned her trade and discovered her true passion for performing every day, no matter where or when, and connecting with her audience.

Simone quickly worked her way up. She started as an understudy, but after some very convincing performances was given her first big roles by her producers. She had success after success in productions such as Rent, Aïda and The Lion King. She won the National Broadway Theatre Award for Best Actress in a Musical: a just reward for her exceptional work. Lisa and her mother, whom she had not seen for many years and who flew to America from her home in the South of France, were joyously reunited for the ceremony.

Lisa Simone met Hervé Samb at the beginning of 2014, thus beginning a beautiful story of collaboration between two accomplished musicians. Samb, an already established name in the Parisian Jazz circuit, had travelled quite a lot himself. As one of contemporary African music’s spearheads, he was born in Dakar, lived in New York, where he collaborated with Meshell Ndegeocello, Jimmy Cliff and Amadou and Mariam amongst others, and later moved to Paris. He stands at the crossroads between jazz and blues, blending these with classic pop rhythms.

Her latest album My World is the fruit of a harmonious collaboration between Lisa Simone and Hervé Samb, a very fine balance that Lisa Simone, Hervé Samb, and their musicians have been able to successfully bring to life on stage during the last two years. Lisa Simone sings about her happiness of finally finding where she belongs in the world and of simply being alive. Along her experiences and encounters, Lisa knows how to transcend her past suffering and today shares a profound joy and new serenity with her music. Through all of this, one simple truth remains: Lisa Simone writes superb songs.