Salif Keita

Salif Keita – A master of West African rhythms and credited as one of the founders of the Afro-pop genre, Keita is world renowned for his unforgettable live performances, soaring vocals and his emotionally-fueled songs. Born to royal lineage, with ancestral roots going back to Soundjata Keita, the founder of the Malian Empire in 1240, Keita was disowned by his father after announcing his plans to play music. Keita’s dreams, however, were too strong to be shattered. This miraculous, wild and solitary survivor also became the most emblematic artist in a whole continent. And today, he established himself as the artisan of a renaissance in traditional African sounds, even though he’s spent the best part of his career elsewhere, in Europe and The United States, in search of his musical salvation. This is his destiny, and it is not a common one.